Walling System

Rediwall. Dincel. Logic wall. Precast.

We supply and install all types of permanent concrete formwork walling solutions, ranging from fibre cement, PVC walls, that are core filled with concrete.

Walls can be used in basements, lift shafts, columns and other structural elements. These walls can be painted, rendered or left as a raw finish.

Wall products include: Rediwall, Dincel, Logic wall and Precast.


Rediwall is a versatile PVC formwork system by AFS Formwork. It is known for its easy installation feature and high-quality glossy finish. It is lightweight, durable, and water-resistant, making it ideal for both above and below ground application.

Dincel Wall

The Dincel structural wall consists of a set of lightweight polymer panels, tracks, and accessories that are formed and then filled with steel and concrete. It is waterproof, fire-and earthquake-tested, NCC compliant, termite-proof, and can be easily installed. Less cement and steel are required when using Dincel walls significantly reducing construction costs.


Logicwall is a fibre cement walling system by AFS that is ideal for multi-residential and commercial projects. They are designed as load bearing formwork solution yet they are lightweight enough for easy installation. Logicwall is CodeMark-certified, fire and acoustic tested, and AS3600 compliant.

Precast Wall

Precast concrete walls are manufactured based on customer requirements. Because they are custom made, they can take nearly any shape, dimensions, colour, or finish. We offer precast structural products for walls (pre-cast structural panels), columns (round and square slabs), stairs as well any customised mouldings that you may require.

We can design whatever designs that are both unique to the project whilst providing the highest quality of workmanship.

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