Modern technology and machinery have evolved the construction industry to its modern form. Today, in the construction industry, plans and designs are created on a computer, construction materials are more robust and lasting, and the machineries used are far safer and more practical in building all kinds of structures. Concrete construction is widely used for creating buildings, bridges, skyscrapers, towers, high-rise buildings, and many other structures that we see today.

When we talk about concrete construction, formworks play a very important role in providing shape and strength to the concrete structures. Formwork in construction is designed to support the structure in its designed form. Concrete material is then poured into the molds of the formwork to create the structure. Basically, formwork is the process of creating a temporary structure or mold as per the design into which concrete or other materials are poured, which subsequently become hard to form the real structure of the building.

Good formwork should have the following characteristics:

  • Safe, cost effective, and economical
  • Strong enough to withstand all types of shapes and loads
  • Capable of retaining its shape
  • High-quality finish to form the required shape and surface
  • Suitable for being removed and reused after construction (depends on the type of formwork)
  • Firm, strong, and lightweight

There are different types of formworks used in the construction industry to attain the desired shape, size, and structure of any building. Some of the most common formworks are

  • Traditional timber formwork
  • Engineered formwork
  • Reusable plastic formwork
  • Permanent insulated formwork
  • Stay-in-place structural formwork
  • Flexible formwork

All formworks have their own quality and significance in the construction work for different kinds of requirements and buildings. While engineered formworks are used for constructing complex and high-rise buildings and structures, permanent insulated or concrete formworks are one of the most acknowledged formworks used for commercial and residential structures because it can be built in a short amount of time with low constructional cost. It is also resistant to fire and offers high durability and thermal insulation.

The significance of formwork in the construction industry are as follows:

  • Using formworks, construction structures can be built quickly.
  • It is one of the most affordable and economical ways to reduce construction costs.
  • A formwork also works as a working platform for construction workers and offers safety during the work.
  • It improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the resources used during construction.
  • Provides excellent structure safety and surface finishing.

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